Lost Language

by lightsystem

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Tone Harvest "Lost Language” by Lightsystem is possibly the equivalent of awakening from a deep sleep to find oneself floating in the vastness of dark matter with the only lights flowing from distant stars. And as the physical body turns over involuntarily from a slow spin in zero gravity, the earth is revealed and the vocals make you understand the importance of the human connection and bring you right back down." - toneharvest.com Favorite track: Glossolalia.
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"The vibe of the album is like a musical score to fit a science fiction road movie. It’s apocalyptic, chaotic at times, but always composed"
-- HeavyPlanet.net


released July 23, 2013

Lightsystem is:
John Kyle: Drums
Jason Greenly: Bass
Danny Byrne: Vocals & Guitar

All song by lightsystem
All lyrics by Danny Byrne
Additional vocals on ‘Plurals’ by Elisa Johnson
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Danny Byrne
Album Artwork: Jason Greenly
Booking and Licensing inquires: lightsystemmusic@gmail.com
all music and lyrics © 2013 lightsystem music
This album was produced in practice spaces and bedroom studios.
It was mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura CA

A sincere thank you to Thomas Ryan, Billy Howerdel, and all of our family and friends.



all rights reserved


lightsystem Los Angeles

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Track Name: Glossolalia

None are the same
when one is enough you get the rest
through all these dreams and having not, beginning two times
through all these ruins and wanting not, forget your history
Track Name: Plurals

Slit to the nail
A Body Grows a length
Releases when it’s time for a change to take
subconsious flow to bend, I stare
Devoid of symptoms of many things she could change to another way
all the system she governs a loss in speech
Not a system and never a structure
She has has to talk
She erased my name
It will be over in time

I saw a reason out
I saw her release in the writhing
Now I feel the touch of scales
I saw her release in the writhing
I hear the crawling of mice
I saw her release in the writhing
I didn’t notice the mirrors that made her soul/
divided them outwards the two of us are sharing the scales
I didn’t notice our figures were bending to sever again

what touches us will all remain together and shared
with all the loss of mine to leave to her will she give it up to rest
a lonely smile, the lonely space she has she could need
a more modern stance, we're not the same
pull all the emptiness together then slip out of/into the scales
A duality now to reverse out of the mirror when decided the same
Track Name: Subtracted

You pick a message for the last two tongues to speak
You place a letter from the past in front and give it one blessing
Supposing it is lone verse and then shown to be
then over and yet not assured
see it folding away
you tear and release
and there the pieces form verses through the soil
you trample them down and out
it grows into a part of you

And knowing what is gone you search your trodden way
and knowing what is gone you search
Revealing all the closing space and the feeling is quiet
And knowing what is gone you search while it shook you and then took a minute to come out
Never letting go is worse then always looking around seeing if you can find it when it grows into a part of you

Bring misery with silence, can you see inside it now
ignore those echoes, know my sound
Bring misery with silence can you see the struggle
ignore those echoes and know the sound of your own
Will the feeling suffice.

when you kiss my voice, don't wait to reach its taste
I guess my words were mentally replaced
I'm only survived by the letters you sent on your own
you're only surviving a death

a null of the sun is weightless
a null of the sun is weightless
in a minute you're out
and all you deny when you made the center 
in a minute you're lost
Track Name: Time and Shade
Time and Shade 

Own time and solace
needing not
Own time and shade
Needing not
Weak and meeting in the shelter of history and leaving not
Weak and meeting in the shade of history 
Bleed through hearts

All the lines we could not speak
Form the message we can not read
Endure to legend in this and in all
I'm lost
Long gone

We're given trials
And then dilate
We're given trials
Then given time
To devastate
We're given trials and outlines
This into the next
Track Name: Bury the Tongue
Bury the Tongue

A Slow Wait,
but are you there counting time
With leaves falling through the darkness 
or the limbs collected 
to make part of mast to pull all the hours over old trodden steps
A regression to bind, 
a shadow sways to the sound with
time in step
you pull the sails
and paddle this torrent of mind
over mute forms
Put all your strength
and make for a distant outline,
not waiting for it's sounding anyways

hollow a fortune lost
hollow a mission done
this is all
hollow a fortune lost
hollow a mission done
hollow the center to the edge 
spill it sideways and out 

none are the same one is enough
none are the same when drawing circles 'round two hearts
none are the same one is enough

whispering will follow you out

follow the sea into its river
and it will all be undone
drown your language and carry the untold to a different place
Track Name: Mirrors

When you finally folded out and into them
when you finally felt the others pull 
all of those are beautiful devour and bring into me
and as a rule I cleanse you out

the closest view of a structure that mirrors its systems 
Don't close those beautiful eyes or show them
you shouldn't look back
you should not look past

Triangle triangle draw yes you draw it out

Another voice you need to collect
None of the bones you needed from my hand 
drawing the prosthetics as you need them to grow
and all that you will need in time

Triangle triangle draw yes you draw it out